Meet the Specialists at The Glatfelter Agency

We believe The Glatfelter Agency should do more than sell you an insurance policy. With our highly skilled and dedicated associates, we work to create opportunities by understanding your expectations and striving to exceed them.

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Senior Management Team

Photo of Sean K. Gormley

Sean K. Gormley


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Photo of David Ritter

David Ritter

Vice President,

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Business Insurance Team

Photo of Renee D’Ambrosio

Renee D’Ambrosio

Account Executive

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Photo of Edward Down

Edward Down

Account Executive

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Photo of Katina Evans, CISR, AIS, CPIA

Katina Evans, CISR, AIS, CPIA


Commercial Lines Services
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Photo of Jeffrey C. Kile, CIC, CRM, MLIS

Jeffrey C. Kile, CIC, CRM, MLIS

Sr. Account Executive

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Photo of Christine Knudson, CISR Elite, CPIA

Christine Knudson, CISR Elite, CPIA

Account Manager

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Photo of Jenn Sieradzan, CISR

Jenn Sieradzan, CISR


Commercial Small Business
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Photo of Cortney Shellenberger, CISR, TRIP

Cortney Shellenberger, CISR, TRIP

Account Advisor

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Photo of Jim Singleton, CPIA, CIC, MLIS, CRM

Jim Singleton, CPIA, CIC, MLIS, CRM

Account Executive,

Assistant Vice President
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Photo of Susan J. Stropparo, CIC, CISR

Susan J. Stropparo, CIC, CISR

Brokerage Department Director,

Commercial Brokerage Department
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Photo of Jamye Shah, CISR

Jamye Shah, CISR

Account Advisor

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Photo of Sara Clark, CISR

Sara Clark, CISR

Account Manager

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Photo of Evan Crilley

Evan Crilley

Account Manager/Business Analyst

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Photo of Harmony Reina

Harmony Reina

Account Manager

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Photo of Becky Preneau

Becky Preneau

Account Manager

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Photo of Rebecca Gasche

Rebecca Gasche

Account Manager

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Claims & Loss Advocacy

Photo of Victoria Bachtel, CISR

Victoria Bachtel, CISR

Claims Advocate

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Personal Insurance Team

Photo of Sandra M. Crone, CISR

Sandra M. Crone, CISR

Account Manager

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Photo of Helen Dengler

Helen Dengler


Personal Lines
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Photo of Bill Shedenhelm

Bill Shedenhelm

Account Manager

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Photo of Aaron Estrada

Aaron Estrada

Assistant Account Manager

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Employee Benefits Team

Photo of Lamar Messner, HCSA, MHP

Lamar Messner, HCSA, MHP

Business Consultant

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Photo of Dana Willoughby, DHP, DIA, DIF, HCP, HCSA

Dana Willoughby, DHP, DIA, DIF, HCP, HCSA

Client Service Manager

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Photo of Lee Shaull

Lee Shaull

Business Consultant

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Photo of Valerie Bell

Valerie Bell

Client Service Manager

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Photo of Steve Ossman

Steve Ossman

Sales Director

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Photo of Donald Palmer

Donald Palmer

Sales Director

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Photo of Lydia Crone

Lydia Crone

Account Manager

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Life & Health Team

Photo of Eric Filippone

Eric Filippone

Vice President,

Life Insurance
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Photo of Susie Levon

Susie Levon

Client Service Manager

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Susquehanna Agents Alliance

Photo of Jodi Knodell, CISR

Jodi Knodell, CISR

SAA Marketing Specialist

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Photo of Paul Hadzor

Paul Hadzor

Regional Vice President

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Photo of Amber Kovack

Amber Kovack

Agency Development Field Specialist

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Photo of Stacey Fuhrman

Stacey Fuhrman

Marketing Assistant

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Administrative Team

Photo of Diane E. Myers

Diane E. Myers


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Accounting Team

Photo of Jason Ranker

Jason Ranker


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Photo of Lesa Arnold

Lesa Arnold


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Photo of Jennifer Gastan

Jennifer Gastan

Accounts Receivable Analyst II

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